Custom E-Stores

Interested is having a custom apparel ordering site of your very own? We offer custom online ordering sites for your organization, team, business, etc.!

  • No more filling out paper order forms and adding up your total.
  • No more tallying up your group's bulk order to give to the printer.
  • Now have everyone in your group go online, see all the available designs and garments (along with sizing charts) and place their orders.
  • Your custom site can list clothing, uniforms, jerseys, memorabilia and much more!
  • No more sorting your large screen print/embroidery orders once they are completed by our shop...We do all that dirty work for you and individually bag/box the orders along with a copy of their order form (sample form here), so there's no confusion or mistakes!
  • However for security* and sometimes for sales tax purposes we DO NOT take payments through our sites!
    • We do understand that it creates a 2-step process for those placing orders, but we work very hard to make it as painless as possible.
    • *Security breeches continue to be on the rise. The time, effort, and cost it takes to stay protected becomes overwhelming. This is why we have chosen to keep our e-stores as data collection sites only. Tying a site to your paypal account can be done upon request.
    • Ultimately we are a wholesale screen printing and embroidery shop, working to streamline the group ordering process.
    • Ideally we prefer to tally a group’s orders for production, but have your group collect the money from the individuals. Then you pay us with a check or credit card.
    • If you're a Non-Profit Group, this also allows us to process your entire job tax exempt (valid sale tax identification number is required).
    • This is ideal for fundraising. We figure the wholesale price for your order just as we would if you were placing a regular bulk order with us. But on the site the prices can be listed for a higher amount, so your group gets to keep the difference. (example: if the cost of a hoody is going to be $18, but on the site it is listed as $25, then the group makes $7 for each hoody sold)
    • We are also happy to collect payments from the individual members of your group. Just keep in mind that we are required to collect Sales Tax, since we are selling to individual customers.
  • Easy Pick-Up and Shipping Options available.
    • Your group can choose to have everyone come to our store to pick-up their completed individual order during our regular business hours. (Available in Laramie, WY only)
    • Orders can be sent out USPS Priority Mail with shipping charges based on how many pieces are in that individual order and how far it has to ship from Laramie, WY (this is all already pre-calculated in the e-store and will appear on the grand total (example here).
    • You can choose a member of your group to pick-up the entire order and handle distributing it to everyone.

Why are most e-stores only open for short amounts of time?

  • Just like any wholesale printing company, the more you buy the better the price will be.
  • E-Stores are open for an allotted time period so that hopefully everyone in your group will have time to place their order(s) to be part of the grand tally.
  • Also to maintain a tight production schedule all orders must be placed during the allotted time for the designated e-store.
  • Stores cannot remain open or else it'd be hard to figure out when to run the received orders without risk of an order for one more piece coming in after everything else has already been printed. It is extremely costly to set-up for print jobs that are lower than our minimum 12pcs.

How often can an e-store be reopened?

  • We like to see e-stores open annually.
  • If you have a larger group and feel that the amount of orders that are placed each time will satisfy our minimum of 12pcs, then your store can be opened more frequently.
  • If your group has multiple events during the year (i.e. a sports tournament, annual player/fan apparel, fundraiser(s), etc.).

If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to e-mail and I will be happy to explain anything further. Jessica (Jes) Gibson, VP/Rocky Mountain Shirtworks/E-Store Coordinator